Postgraduate studies in osteopathy

Our goal is that postgraduate students in osteopathy – therapists know and understand how, when and for what purpose to work with the patient to help him. We are guided by the thought of the creator of osteopathy

The doctor's goal should be to seek health. Anyon
e can find a disease

A.T. Still

Organization and mode of postgraduate post-graduate studies

FICO-MUM Osteopathic Medicine organizes 4-year extramural postgraduate studies. Each year of study ends with 10 sessions, the last one being a session during which there are practical and theoretical exams. During the downhill weekend we organize 30 clock hours (40 didactic hours). As a result, therapists (medical graduates and physiotherapists) gain a broad and detailed knowledge of diagnostics and manual therapy, and acquire the ability to work on human tissues and organs.

Join the group of our students

In our classes, we place special emphasis on both medical issues (including: differential diagnosis, pathology, semiology) and the practical application of osteopathy using classical, structural and functional techniques. Therefore, the 4-year studies create solid foundations for the further development of therapists. The staf
f is made up of outstanding practitioners from all over Europe. Thanks to this, the subject matter of the classes is enriched with the latest news from the world of science and interesting case studies. This is so important in our form of education, because most of our students are practicing physiotherapists who cannot afford to use outdated te
chniques and outdated knowledge in their daily work. to the patient's ailments, enroll in postgraduate studies in osteopathy. Check out the detailed program, and if in doubt, don't hesitate
to contact us.

Postgraduate studies in Osteopathic Medicine

  • According to CEN 16686, the minimum number of training hours for an osteopath in part-time studies is 2000 hours of education.
  • FICO-MUM osteopathic medicine offers 2,500 teaching hours, which consists of: 1,600 hours of classes with lecturers during meetings for 4 years
    • (40 teaching hours during the congress x 10 meetings per year x 4 years)
    • 500 hours of apprenticeship, incl. at the FICO-MUM Open Clinic
    • 400 hours of student's own work, including the preparation and writing of a diploma thesis.
  • The FICO-MUM education program translates into 100 ECTS credits.
  • The student receives an index and a student ID
  • The graduate will receive a D.O. (Diploma in Osteopathy) and the State Certificate of Completion of Postgraduate Studies.
postgraduate studies in osteopathy